Day 7: Schwarzman 3 (1 classic, 1 blitz, 1 t-break) - Georgiev 4 (1 classic, 1 blitz, 1 rapid, 1 t-break)

Alexander Georgiev from Saint Petersburg prolongated his World Title on the seventh and last day of the World Title Match Draughts in Tallinn. For a long time, challenger Alexander Schwarzman from Moscow had the upper hand but Georgiev showed extraordinary resilience and overcame his defeat in the third classic game by winning the fourth classic game himself. On the sixth day he for the first time took the lead by winning the rapid game, and on the seventh and final day, Georgiev secured his World Title already with the draw in the rapid game. By winning the then following blitz game, he further increased his final lead.

ETV reporting the match victory of Alexander Georgiev. For ETV interview with Alexander Schwarzman, see menu 'Video'.


Day 6: Schwarzman 3 (1 classic, 1 blitz, 1 tiebreak) - Georgiev 3 (1 classic, 1 rapid, 1 tiebreak)

World Champion Alexander Georgiev for the first time has taken the lead in the World Title Match in Tallinn. After a quiet morning game, he initially did not achieve much in the rapid game either. On the contrary, Schwarzman seemed to have a more comfortable position in the classic middle game. But when he with 39.... 9-14 allowed Georgiev to execute a Dussaut gambit, the position seemed to completely turn around and Schwarzman from then on was at a disadvantage. Schwarzman found the path to a draw, but was surprised by a poisonous second gambit manoeuvre from Georgiev and was forced to capitulate right away.

Georgiev, who since the first day was behind on score, now has the pole position and Schwarzman tomorrow must win the regular or rapid game in order to take the title away from Georgiev. Schwarzman: ,,I want to win this match and right now I feel like I lost my life with one move.” Tomorrow we will know if challenger Schwarzman on the deciding match day will recover from this blow.



Psychological warfare has really begun. World Champion Alexander Georgiev complained about the distracting body language of Alexander Schwarzman and referee Frank Teer has issued a warning letter. For the moment, on this 6th battle day, the atmosphere has become a bit less friendly. Schwarzman is leading the match with only one blitz victory so anything is possible these last two match days...

Day 5: Schwarzman 3 (1 classic, 1 blitz, 1 tiebreak) - Georgiev 2 (1 classic, 1 tiebreak)

Challenger and match leader Alexander Schwarzman recovered from yesterdays' defeat by beating world champion Alexander Georgiev in todays' tiebreak.

After quiet games in the classic and rapid stage where Schwarzman was focussed on consolidating his lead, he in the blitz game only narrowly escaped a certain defeat by Georgiev. Georgiev had reached a winning position, but with 54. 38-32 unintentionally offered an escape that Schwarzman gladly accepted. In stead of 54. 38-32, 54. 36-31 would have brought victory for Georgiev, or so at least reported the live analysis by computer program Sjende Blyn.

In the first tiebreak game, Schwarzman 'took off' and overruled his opponents strategy. In an already lost position, Georgiev came at the end of his thinking time and capitulated angrily. Angrily, of the sounds and gestures that were produced during the game by Schwarzman and that disturbed Georgievs concentration. At the time of writing, Georgiev is contemplating a formal complaint. Schwarzman, when asked about his extraordinary body language by referee Frank Teer from The Netherlands, recognized Georgievs complaint and promised to try and minimize disturbance as his for first time spectators bizarre moves and facial expressions are a natural habit. ,,I can understand that Georgiev was extremely disappointed after missing the win in the blitz game.”

If tomorrow challenger Schwarzman succeeds in winning the classical game, the World Title is his because of his lead in the blitz games. However, it may also very well be, that the decision for the World Title will only fall in the tiebreaks of the seventh day as both giants with two wins for Georgiev and three wins for Schwarzman until now remain very close to eachother.